WELD-2000HP Handheld Laser Welding & Cleaning System

Techwin WELD-2000HP Handheld Laser Welding & Cleaning System is a an really handheld & portable fiber laser welder. The equipment consists of a laser, a chiller, a handheld swing welding head, a laser control system, and an automatic wire feeder. The product fully considers the applicability of the welding process and the comfort of long-term use (the welding head weighs 0.8kg),and it has a mouth touch to the workpiece. The light-emitting safety lock prevents accidental injury to others. The drawer-type protective lens installation method is adopted to facilitate the customer to replace the lens.  

Different angle nozzles can be configured, the maximum configuration supports 2000W laser, the light source swing effect, the tolerance range of the processed parts and the width of the welding seam are enlarged, and the disadvantage of small light spot is solved.


▶Laser welding can be carried out on long-distance, large workpieces, and products with various styles; ▶The heat-affected area is small during welding, and it will not cause deformation, blackening, and traces on the back of the workpiece; ▶Laser welding equipment suitable for large workpiece products and large-scale production products to achieve efficiency; ▶The whole machine has low power, stable performance, high beam quality, fiber output, high reliability, long life, and high photoelectric conversion efficiency; ▶The width of the welding seam can be customized, and wire feeding can be used. Compared with argon arc welding, the efficiency is increased by more than 50%. After welding, it does not require or a small amount of grinding. Compared with traditional arc welding, handheld laser welding machines can save power by about 80%~90% , the processing cost can be reduced by about 30%. ▶The equipment is equipped with multiple safety alarms, automatically;

▶The welding wire feeding function is optional to meet the welding of various workpieces with large gaps in incoming materials


▶ Welding of thin metal plates-stainless steel, carbon steel; ▶Applicable products-laser welding of all kinds of sheet metal, molds, chassis, water tanks, kitchen and bathroom products; ▶ All kinds of five-gold lighting, advertising signs, ▶ Door and window frames;

▶It is widely used in kitchens, household appliances, advertising, molds, stainless steel doors and windows, handicrafts, household goods, furniture, auto parts and many other industries.


Laser Power


Working Mode


Welding Mode


Argon Welding、QCW

Laser wavelength

1080 nm

Fiber Length

10/15 m

Protective gas


Output Header type


Auxiliary tools

Automatic wire feeder (optional)

Fiber Core diameter


Operating Voltage

AC220V50HZ  AC380V50HZ

Cooing Mode


Total power