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The CW single frequency fiber laser module consists of 1064nm high power continuous wave single frequency fiber laser module and high efficiency conversion module, these two modules are connected by fiber laser. The fiber laser module can provide excellent beam quality, featuring easy operation. Based on technologies of CKSF-D or CKSF-R narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser, 1064nm high power CW single frequency fiber laser module can realize single mode, single longitudinal mode and linear polarization output. The frequency doubling module is configured using periodically-poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN) technology, without changing the single frequency characteristics of 1064nm laser. The 532nm output is selectable, i.e. optical fiber or free-space collimated beam. Inquiry Features • Single frequency, single longitudinal mode output • Narrow linewidth <20kHz • Long coherence length • Linear polarization output, high polarization extinction ratio (PER) • Optical fiber output or collimated beam output • Small size, suitable for system integration Applications Underwater laser communication  Underwater remote sensing  LiDAR  Other scientific research tasks Techwin is known as an expert company in developing and manufacturing of fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and fiber sources. We also strive to provide our customers with custom fiber laser solutions suited for your applications. All of our high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers are manufactured following a rigorous quality management system. We are more than happy to share our laser technology with worldwide customers, and committed to earn the ongoing trust of our customers with our industrial fiber lasers coupled with expert support and service in various industrial segments.