Laser Components introduces

its range of fibre amplifiers and fibre lasers from 0.35µm to 2µm wavelength. These products are available either in continuous or pulsed versions with some models capable of achieving narrow linewidths with very low phase noise and RIN.

Laser Components services a variety of applications including LiDAR, spectroscopy, optical component testing, medical and cold atoms.

The company has recently noticed an increasing demand for Erbium doped fibre amplifiers in quantum technology due to the heavy funding within the UK and research in this field such as cold atom focusing on accurate atomic clocks.

Laser Components’ robust EDFA is appealing to this research and can offer up to 42dBm of saturated output power with a greater reliability. Furthermore, knowing that atomic cooling needs extremely stable laser with a narrow linewidth, the company can offer a capability for a linewidth <100kHz. Option of single mode fibre or polarisation maintaining fibre is available.

Quality benchtop platforms or modules are available.