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Pulsed and CW laser diode drivers
Lumina Power has introduced the second generation of its precision pulsed laser diode drivers. The two models of the LDP series provide the option of either 1000 W or 2000 W average output. Both incorporate new technology that increases reliability and enhances pulsed performance while reducing circuit complexity and system size. Pulse widths of 50 µs through CW operation and 10 µs rise/fall time can now be achieved at repetition rates to 5 kHz, with higher rates optional. The LDP drivers feature output currents to 400 A, output power to 80 kW peak, and compliance voltages to 200 V with universal input voltage and an auxiliary ±15 V output. Lumina Power Inc, 26 Ward Hill Ave, Bradford, MA 01835
Versatile benchtop electron microscope
The LVEM 5 low-voltage electron microscope from DeLong Instruments combines four imaging functionalities into one benchtop apparatus suitable for use in life and materials sciences. With the click of a button, users can switch among modes to image the same sample region of interest. The LVEM 5 microscopes can be equipped with a CCD or scientific CMOS camera for transmission electron microscope (TEM) imaging of nanoparticles and thin sections. According to the company, the LVEM 5 is the only available benchtop TEM. Users can add a scanning detector to the TEM to obtain transmission images from denser materials. A backscatter electron detector offers a stereoscopic view of the sample; the scanning electron microscopy mode can be used to view the same area for topographical information. The electron diffraction mode provides structural characterization of crystalline materials. With its 5 kV electron source, the LVEM 5 can provide high contrast of organic and other soft materials without the need for heavy-metal staining.