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Adopting phase mask technique, the fiber Bragg grating is specially designed for high power CW and pulsed fiber lasers and suitable for single mode fiber to large mode area (LMA) fiber, capable of withstanding power over 3kW. High power double-clad FBG pair consists of high reflector and low reflector. The low reflector, also known as output coupler, is used to reflect wavelengths of fiber laser. Utilizing chirped phase mask technique, accurately matched high reflector and low reflector can be offered with various bandwidths per users’ specific needs. Features • Extremely low temperature rise slope efficiency, suitable for high power operation • Optimally designed low-reflectivity FBG, reducing reverse light leakage of high-reflectivity FBG • Excellent reflection/transmission spectrum, increasing stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) threshold Techwin is known as an expert company in developing and manufacturing of fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and fiber sources. We also strive to provide our customers with custom fiber laser solutions suited for your applications. All of our high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers are manufactured following a rigorous quality management system. We are more than happy to share our laser technology with worldwide customers, and committed to earn the ongoing trust of our customers with our industrial fiber lasers coupled with expert support and service in various industrial segments.

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