1.0µm High Power Single Frequency Fiber Amplifier (Polarization Maintaining)

Laser modules and components, Optical Amplifiers

Designed with all-polarization-maintaining fiber laser architecture, the single frequency fiber amplifier can accomplish multi-stage optical amplification of narrow linewidth (kHz) single-frequency signals to provide high power output, achieving near diffraction-limited beam quality while maintaining high polarization extinction ratio (PER). This high power single frequency PM fiber amplifier integrates stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) suppression technology and polarization maintaining technology, capable of providing a broad selection of output power from 100mW to 100W satisfying the needs of various applications. The CK series high power single frequency fiber amplifier is typically designed for ultra-narrow linewidth single frequency laser source such as fiber lasers made on the basis of DFB or DBR principle. The fiber amplifier is capable of amplifying low power optical signal of kHz level up to 100W output power, while maintaining the spectral property of the input signal. Utilizing high power and high performance multi-mode pump source, along with double-cladding fiber amplification technology and integrated design of all-polarization-maintaining structure, this fiber amplifier can realize continuous tuning of output power. The CK series fiber amplifier is a Turn-Key system that adopts microprocessor to control, coupled with laser switch at front panel, LCD display to show the power state, and the knob for output power adjusting. Features • High output power • Low noise level • Turn-Key system • All-polarization-maintaining structure, high polarization extinction ratio (PER) • High stability, high reliability Applications • Coherent detection system • Coherent beam combination • Atom cooling and trapping • Fiber optic sensing system • High efficiency laser frequency doubling 1.0µm Single Frequency Fiber Amplifier (0.1-2W, Polarization Maintaining) The single frequency fiber amplifier provides output power of 0.1-2W. Inquiry 1.0µm Single Frequency Fiber Amplifier (5-15W, Polarization Maintaining) The single frequency fiber amplifier provides output power of 5-15W. Inquiry Techwin is known as an expert company in developing and manufacturing of fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and fiber sources. We also strive to provide our customers with custom fiber laser solutions suited for your applications. All of our high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers are manufactured following a rigorous quality management system. We are more than happy to share our laser technology with worldwide customers, and committed to earn the ongoing trust of our customers with our industrial fiber lasers coupled with expert support and service in various industrial segments.